A private one-on-one Yoga session taught online via WhatsApp / Skype by an expert yoga instructor.

50 minutes of instruction customized to your body, your needs, and your goals.

How are we different from the rest?

We are not just different. We are unique too.

Our yoga instructors are not those who learnt yoga for a month or two for the sake of teaching to earn some extra bucks, without having in-depth knowledge and without knowing how to do it the right way.

Our yoga instructors have studied yoga in depth. They have learned, lived & dreamed of yoga throughout their life.

We are the professionals. We are THE EXPERTS OF YOGA.

That’s why when you start learning yoga from our expert instructors, you’ll not just be learning YOGA, but you will also learn YOGA THERAPY too.

It's not only YOGA!


Along with complete well-being, you will also learn about yoga therapy. Yoga therapy is a solution-oriented approach to a specific problem like cervical, spondylitis, asthma (by special breathing practices), back pain,  knee pain, managing stress, frozen shoulder, weight loss etc. through asana, stretching, pranayam breathing and meditation. Yoga therapy can even be done by people who can’t move their body.

So, if you have a specific health problem for which you’re looking for a solution, please let us know during the live session. Our expert yoga instructors will work together with you.

Our Expert YOGA Instructors

What do I need?

How the yoga sessions are conducted?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I do yoga if I have never done it before?

Absolutely. Our yoga sessions are excellent for starters and intermediate. Join a trial session to test yourself.

Can yoga help me reduce weight?

Yoga is an effective and natural-way of losing weight. There are specific yoga postures which helps tremendously in reducing weight.

What is a one-on-one yoga session?

A private live yoga session in which only you and a yoga instructor will be connecting online via WhatsApp / Skype. Yoga instructions are customized to your body, your needs, and your goals. In 1-on-1 sessions, for a male student a male yoga instructor and for a female student a female yoga instructor is assigned.

Can I choose a specific yoga instructor?

Yoga instructors are assigned on the first come first served basis, according to available dates-&-time, so you cannot choose a specific yoga instructor. However, if you want, we will try to assign the same instructor with whom you have done your previous sessions, but only if the instructor is available during your selected dates-&-time.

Can I change yoga instructor during my ongoing regular sessions?

All our yoga instructors are experts, well-mannered and have a long experience in teaching yoga. However, if you want to change a yoga instructor you can do so only once during your regular session package with valid reason(s).

Can I choose a specific time & date for my session?

Yes, of course. Trial Class: You can select your preferable time & date when you want to do your trial session. Regular Class: You can select your preferable time (which will be fixed for the rest of your session) and date from when you want to start your regular sessions.

How long is each session?

Each session includes 50 minutes of practice. Allow an hour, to give yourself a little cushion before and after.

Do you accept young and old alike?

Anyone above the age of 13 (thirteen) is welcome.

In which language yoga sessions are conducted?

All our yoga instructors are well versed in both Hindi & English. As such, sessions are conducted in Hindi and/or English as per your convenience.

How can I join the session?

Our instructor will get in touch with you, at the scheduled start time and date via WhatsApp or Skype which you provided during your registration.